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From the moment I had the initial idea of a marketing agency supporting mind, body and spirit companies, I felt the values needed to shape the business,


Mill Stream Marketing's mission is to be the most trusted and ethical marketing agency serving mind and wellbeing start-ups and SMEs in the UK. 


What all of our clients have in common is a commitment, like us, to make the world a little better and more positive through products and services that add value. 

Our Charter

1.) We serve in the interest of our clients 


What are our values?

1. Trust: the glue of life

2. Empathy

3. Ally: being an active ally to underrepresented groups and not virtue signalling, green or white washing

2. Clients and clients: clients are our focus

3. Positive change

4. Collaboration: we are a committed partner to our clients

5. Honesty

6. Accountability 

7. Excellent results

8. Intelligence

9. Integrity

10. Empowering our clients to generate positive change through marketing that generates results.

Why are these our values?

It's a lot to live up to and being human we won't be perfect. But I think values should be central to a business such as this, that is helping others who wish to generate positive change. 

Mill Stream Marketing does not work with companies that are involved in the abuse and/or exploitation of human or animals. We do not work with companies that are connected to arms manufacturing, alcohol, illegal drugs manufacturing and distribution or toxic chemical production. We do not work with companies that create or distribute pornography. We do not work with companies that are involved in the destruction of natural habitats or indigenous land theft. We do not work with companies that have reports of workplace bullying, abuse and harrassment. 


I write a blog tracking how to make a profit whilst sticking to principles and being an ethical marketer. To read this please click here. 

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